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Welcome to God’s Balcony

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Book Ideas : Celina Cuadro

Carmer Hook’s beautifully illustrated Welcome to God’s Balcony is brimming with happy, positive energy. Its vibrant pages and adorable characters make it an enjoyable read-to-me book, the kind of book that will become part of a child’s happy childhood hope chest.
God’s Balcony is a wonderful, idyllic place where creatures driven to bring happiness, hope, and good cheer to the world reside. These creatures are especially excited today because YOU are visiting! Thomas the Bird and Possum (the possum) are all in an energetic fuzzy-fluffy bundle, but the fairy Alethea will calm them down. You will meet all the wonderful children and creatures that come, go, or live in God’s Balcony, and they are very interesting. There’s a sweet and gentle giant, some very happy clouds, and two sisters with an angel, just to name a few. Best of all, these wonderful creatures are getting ready to tell you some great stories, so enjoy your visit!
We are all here to help you find your way to God’s Balcony, because we want more than anything to help you find your way to love, magic, and fun. The next time you feel the wind on your face, listen very carefully, for perhaps Wind is reminding you of us all, and simply remember that we are all a part of the same story.
The author presents young readers with an elysian place of fun and stories that makes even a jaded pessimist like myself smile indulgently. The narratives are sweet and hopeful, conveying a positive spiritual message of peace and harmony with fellow creatures and love for the world that houses us all. Illustrator Robert Sauber’s rendering is done with inspired detail of feather and fur that when anthropomorphic expressions are added, the creatures become doubly adorable! To younger readers the vibrant colors, the fluffy details of Thomas’s feathers and the expressiveness on each creature’s face makes for a breathtaking visual accompaniment to some very comforting tales.
Welcome to God’s Balcony is a keepsake book that brings joy to the reading experience of its youngest audience, and can become a happy memories to youngsters who are reading on their own. Recommended!

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