Author’s Page

Welcome to my website.

I loved to write poetry and short stories as a child growing up, and I have always had a love of books. My very favourite childhood books handed down to me by my mother were by Paul Gallico. The Snow Goose, The Small Miracle, Thomasina, The Snowflake and Jenny. In high school english class we studied The God Boy, by New Zealand author Ian Cross. We had a very inspirational english teacher, and this book had quite a profound effect on me. I was born in New Zealand, and moved to Sydney, Australia when I was 25 years old. My Mother was a New Zealander and came from a farm in the beautiful Lakes District area, Lake Wanaka. As a child I was very fortunate to spend many wonderful  holidays on  my Grandparent’s and Aunt and Uncle’s farms, and I feel that those early years have inspired my love for nature, and hence my desire for storytelling. My Father was Australian born, and when I moved here at the age of 25, I fell in love with the ocean. I now live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, near the ocean, which I find deeply inspiring. I am a registered nurse and I have been incredibly fortunate to have met many wonderful people throughout my career, fellow caregivers and patients alike, who have also inspired different characters in other stories I am currently writing.